Preparing for a trip to Shanghai

Shanghai is a city with an intense atmosphere of life. It has no atmosphere of indifference and aloofness but a breath of life. Every area has a style. You may feel you have entered another world when you turn a corner.

DAY 1: Lujiazui-Chenghuang Temple, Yu Garden, Shanghai Old Street, The Bund, Oriental Pearl

As the most prosperous place in Shanghai, Lujiazui is the most suitable place to gain knowledge. The Oriental Pearl Tower and The World Trade Center are all here. As a landmark building in Shanghai, The Oriental Pearl Tower must be visited once. Looking at the night view of Shanghai in the revolving restaurant, eating exceptional food, accompanied by Mozart’s piano music… (This should be the most expensive). 

Town God’s Temple + Yu Garden + Shanghai Old Street three in one. These three scenic spots are very close so I will put them together. They are all complex retro-style buildings with various Shanghai snacks and Nanxiang Steamed Bun Shop. You must not miss it, which is certified by the Michelin restaurant. Also, many people are here so it will be a bit crowded. The Bund is located on the banks of the Huangpu River in Huangpu District, Shanghai, that is, Waihuangpu Beach, a Chinese historical and cultural block. Since 1844 (the 24th year of Emperor Daoguang of the Qing Dynasty), the Bund area has been designated as the British Concession, which has become an accurate portrayal of Shanghai’s Shiliyangchang, and it is also the starting point for the old Shanghai Concession area and the entire modern city of Shanghai. Many small scenic spots on the Bund include Huangpu Park, Waibaidu Bridge, Shiliupu, Chenyi Square, Wall of Love, a sightseeing tunnel, and some historic statues.

DAY 2: Shanghai Disney, Shanghai Science and Technology Park

You can play Shanghai Disney for a day and watch Disney’s fireworks at night. Officially opened on June 16, 2016, it is located in Chuansha New Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. It is the second Disney theme park in China, the first in mainland China, the third in Asia, and the sixth in the world. The park has seven theme parks: Mickey Street, Imagination Garden, Adventure Island, Treasure Bay, Tomorrowland, Dreamland, and Toy Story; two theme hotels: Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and Toy Story Hotel; one subway station: Disney Station; and There are many world premiere rides.

DAY 3: Xintiandi-Tianzifang, Huaihai Road line friend, French Concession

Shanghai Xintiandi is an urban tourist attraction with Shanghai’s historical and cultural features and a fusion of Chinese and Western cultures. Shanghai Xintiandi is based on the old Shikumen building area, the symbol of Shanghai’s modern architecture, but its core is very stylish. Tianzifang is located at Lane 210, Taikang Road, Shanghai, China. Since September 1998, when the district government implemented road market entry, the pavement of Taikang Road has been re-paved, making the road, covered with mud when it rained and dusty when it was sunny, take on a new look. The once-crowded Tianzifang Alley has been painted with the color of SOHO, just like the famous Rongle East Road in Shanghai. It has transformed into a modern creative gathering place, adding a humanistic and artistic atmosphere. Tianzifang has a mysterious new world composed of various small alleys and alleys. There are many snacks and some small shops with an intense artistic atmosphere in the surrounding area, and there is also a restaurant called “Bali Bali,” which is very delicious.

Friends who like brown bears and little rabbits decided not to miss this place. This store is super cute. There is an oversized brown bear on the first floor where you can take photos together. There are also many appealing surroundings, and the scenery is charming. The second floor is a tea restaurant with exquisite drinks and snacks. The Shanghai French Concession is the earliest, largest, and most prosperous of the four French Concessions in modern China, and it is also one of the two concessions in Shanghai.

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