About Us

Shattering the barriers of travel and providing accessible avenues for everyone to embark on their dream journey since 2014.

The journey to Journey Crafters 

In 2010, we met while studying abroad in Florence, Italy. During our study abroad experiences, we encountered a world beyond textbooks and classrooms. This expereince forever altered our perspectives. 

Recognizing the immense value of our transformative journeys, we became acutely aware of the obstacles preventing many from pursuing their dream trips.

In 2014, we launched Journey Crafters. Through our company, we provide small-group travel opportunities to young adults. Our travelers embark on their dream journeys with their closest friends without having to compromise cost or safety through small group travel. 

A young woman wearing an oversized sunhat smiles in front of the Eiffel tower. She is wearing an off the shoulder black dress and a white purse.

Why Journey Crafters?

Motivated by our experiences and a burning desire to bridge this gap in travel, we launched small-group trips
crafted specifically with your needs in mind. 

Small-Group Travel

Traveling the world with friends creates the best memories! Our trips are built for small groups looking for private tours at an affordable rate.


Travel should be a
stress-free experience! We plan everything from your airfare, hotel, and daily itinerary. 

Student Discounts

Recognizing the value of our own experiences abroad during college, we provide university students with a 10% discount on all trips. 

Safety First

We have travel consultants available 24/7 in case you need something before, during, or after your trip.

More than a travel company.

Our study abroad experiences kickstarted our desire to start this company. We want to ensure that everyone is allotted this opportunity. Learn more about how we’re giving back.

Our University Partners.

Our Impact

Over the past 9 years, Journey Crafters is proud to not only provide budget-friendly dream trips to our customers, but also working to better the communities we serve through:

  • $30,000 in scholarship donations
  • 1,000 scholarships
  • 30 university partners

Meet the Journey Crafters Team

Xueyan Z.

Xueyan, as an avid traveler, has journeyed through countless countries, igniting a deep passion for exploration within me. My love for travel stems from its ability to offer stress-free journeys, where planning and logistics don’t hinder the experience. Eager to share this sentiment, I aim to assist fellow travel enthusiasts in their quest for seamless adventures.


Preksha, with her adventurous spirit, has embarked on journeys to more than 10 captivating countries. Immersed in diverse cultures, she cherishes connecting with people from around the world. Solo trips are her ultimate passion, allowing her to delve into uncharted territories, relish new flavors, and savor exotic cuisine. Preksha is a true explorer at heart!


Kayleigh is an avid traveler and takes any opportunity to explore! She minored in French in undergrad and has studied abroad in both France and Italy. Her experiences have inspired her to learn as much as she can about different cultures and she loves connecting with others on her journeys. 

Dia Z.

Dia, as a lover of travel, has traveled to countless countries, learned different languages, and seen many incompatible cultural backgrounds. My love for travel stems from a desire to see different cultures. I want to share this amazing experience and my goal is to help people who are interested in different cultures to have the opportunity to encounter them and learn different languages.