The Journey Crafters’ Scholarship Program

Giving back to our communities through scholarships

While trips outside an academic setting are equally valuable, we know how transformative studying abroad can be. Our study abroad experiences kickstarted our desire to start this company. Everyone should be allotted this opportunity through our scholarship fund.

We have committed to donating 3% of every trip booked through us to fund scholarships for students in need, while matching 3% of the trips total from our side.

This initiative enables individuals to participate in exchange programs across 30 esteemed schools in the US, ensuring that they, too, can experience the transformative power of studying abroad.

Our Scholarship Partners

We’ve partnered with 30 universities from around the United States: 

  1.  New York University 
  2. Boston University 
  3. Boston College 
  4. Harvard University 
  5. MIT 
  6. University of Pittsburgh 
  7. Elon University 
  8. American University 
  9. Georgetown University 
  10. Arcadia University 
  11. Michigan State University
  12. Syracuse University 
  13. Carleton College 
  14. Pepperdine University
  15. Dickinson College
  16. Texas A&M University 
  17. University of Michigan
  18. University of North Carolina
  19. Indiana University 
  20. University of Notre Dame
  21. University of Minnesota
  22. University of Wisconsin
  23. University of Texas 
  24. Centre College
  25. Northeastern University
  26. Butler University 
  27. George Washington Universtiy 
  28. St Olaf College
  29. Mcalaster College
  30. Goucher College

These universities share our drive to provide underserved students the opportunity to expand their educational horizons through travel. 

How it works

After each trip is booked, we contribute 3% of the proceeds and match that 3% donation equally to all university partners.

Each university offers a Journey Crafters scholarship fund to its students. These universities allow students the opportunity to apply to the scholarship to fund a study abroad program of the student’s choosing. The application process is the same for all institutions and requires students to describe their need for the scholarship and submit an essay detailing how studying abroad with enrich their education. 

Scholarship recipients are chosen yearly at the discretion of the university. 

Through this program, our partners have changed the lives of over 1,000 students. 

Future Scholarship Partnerships 

Interested in becoming a partner? Reach out to us at We’d love to chat. 

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